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15/12/11 – Interlaken’s yodel festival in Songlines magazine

They sang by night...

Regular readers of morethanskiing may recall how overexcited I was in June about visiting Switzerland’s biggest yodelling festival – an event that takes place every three years and draws crowds of 200,000 – more than Glastonbury.

They sang by day...

This excitement turned out to be thoroughly justified: the trip my sister and I took to Interlaken for the festival was one of the best weekend breaks I’ve had – and that includes ski breaks.

...and they practised in the back-streets

The Jodlerfest was directly responsible for June’s higher-than-usual blogcount on this site – and now you can read more about it, in the January/February issue of Songlines, the world music magazine.

Buy the issue to see it on paper, or click the link below to take you to a pdf of a ‘Postcard from Switzerland’ describing the amazing experience of spending a weekend at the world’s biggest celebration of Swiss mountain music.

Postcard from Switzerland in Songlines magazine, Jan/Feb 2012 issue

To read more – and for more pictures, go to June posts such as these:



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19/7/11 – Quick update on which posts you like best

Yesterday the all-time views count for Morethanskiing passed 2,500. This is since mid-April, before which there were only a tiny number of views because I kept the blog secret until I deemed it fit to be seen.

I’m able to dig out various statistics from WordPress, which hosts this blog, such as which are the most popular posts and which links are clicked on most frequently. Apart from the homepage and ‘about’, below are the three posts that have had the most views so far:

1st – http://tinyurl.com/6hxuu8m

2nd – http://tinyurl.com/3qaz72n

3rd – http://tinyurl.com/3rph4a3

Jolanda and Stefanie Willi, sisters from Basel canton, during their competition performance

The biggest surprise is the third-placed post – I never thought yodelling would be among the most popular material among readers. But I’m glad it is, and I’m using it as an excuse to post another picture from June’s Jodlerfest in Interlaken.

And just in case you didn’t read right to the bottom of the third-placed post, here is another link to an excellent yodel song guaranteed to cheer you up if, like me, you’re wondering what on earth has happened to the good old British summer – Kuettel Family at Interlaken.

Anyway, thank you for reading – and remember, if you want an email to ping into your inbox to warn you when a new post has been published, just click on the link on the right that says ‘Sign me up!’

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19/6/11 – After this weekend, only-a-yodel-will-do

Once their indoor 'competition' performance is over, singers relax by striking up harmonies outdoors

Yesterday my sister and I listened to Swiss mountain music almost continuously from 9.46am to 4am. Yes, more than 18 hours of “jo-lo-lu-lu-uuu”. In a concert hall, in a church, in a sports centre; on a street corner, in a cafe, at a sausage stall; at a bar, beneath a tree, on a meadow. It was heaven.

Let me explain – briefly, because in the next few days more will be revealed in posts, pictures and in a little film Teresa and I have made (once I have discovered how to download and stitch together the clips taken with my new movie camera).

A few voices begin, strangers join in, and soon it's a yodel-jam

We were in Interlaken, in the Bernese Oberland, for the Swiss national Jodlerfest (16-19 June), where 11,000 yodellers, alphorn players and flag-wavers flocked, having qualified last year to perform there. A crowd of 200,000 awaited them over the four days, as did 140 judges, who gave them marks music-exam-style rather than in a ‘who-beat-who’ competition. The festival takes place every three years: recent past hosts include Luzern and Frauenfeld.

Bands played in some of the beer tents until 5.30am

Throughout Friday evening and from 9am to 9pm on Saturday, 14 venues came alive with the sounds of the mountains, with an act every eight minutes – as did 18 Bierfest-style marquees, some of which had live bands till 5.30am.

Interlaken’s cafes and bars, too, rang with sing-songs, as did its very streets. All day and all night long hundreds – probably thousands – of impromptu vocal jam sessions filled the Festgelaende (festival meadow). Even this morning at 6.45am, as Teresa and I walked to the station en route back to England, a group of four young people passed us yodelling softly in harmony.

Unless you followed a link I posted on my blog of 10 June, I bet most of you have never heard an authentic yodel (and no, The Sound of Music definitely does not count).

Not everyone who joined in wore traditional clothing. These boys sang beautifully

Well, you are in luck. In advance of our own forthcoming Jodlerfest film, you can watch one of our favourite acts from the festival here – Kuettel Family at Interlaken. This is a mother and daughter, accompanied by the son. The backdrop has been imposed by the way – in the auditorium it was a black curtain. Listen all the way to the end, and I defy you not to fall in love with the yodel!

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