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27/7/11 – My his-and-hers collection, part one

True love in Obergurgl village, circa 1996

This week I was reorganising and rationalising my office and I came across an entertaining article in my “Other Writers’ Cuttings” folder about a couple who dressed in matching outfits every day of their lives. Mrs would lovingly sew bespoke his-and-hers garments for her and her Mister – from Hawaiian holiday suits to evening dress.

This reminded me that somewhere among my photo albums is a probably unmatched collection (forgive the pun) of photographs of his-and-hers ski suits. For some reason I took to photographing examples of such co-ordinated pairs over a five-or-so-year period in the 1990s. I have located the pictures and thought I’d share some examples in case any especially happy couples require inspiration for next winter’s ski wear.

Cinched waists were all the rage - at least they cover the bum quite well

Most of the photos I’ve found are not brilliant quality, and many were taken from some distance. The richest pickings at that time were to be found in Hochgurgl, the little satellite of Obergurgl, where I worked two winters and a summer as a rep and ski host for Inghams.

Perhaps it was the high altitude of Hochgurgl (which I believe lies in Austria’s highest parish) that sent holidaymakers there a bit loopy and caused them to appear in public as clones – but I also captured a few goodies in Obergurgl and elsewhere.

Another colourful example - at Hochgurgl, I believe

The last time I spotted a his-and-hers on the slopes was in Cervinia last season. This was after a few years’ gap in sightings, and I was delighted to see that matching couples still visit the mountains.

If I were somehow to end up wearing the same suit as a boyfriend, I suspect I’d find it confusing in a similar way that my sister did as a teenager when she pointed to someone wearing a yellow top and black stretch trousers – the same as hers – and said, “Huh! For a moment I thought that was me!”

I hope you like these and I’ll drip-feed a few more over the next weeks.

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