27/4 – A day at the opera: Oslo in three hours

We took the "Flytoget" train from the airport to Oslo - 22 mins and probably about £22 return each

Today I’ve been en-route to a ski-touring week in Nordland, north-western Norway.

We’ve arrived at the fantastic sailing boat where we are to spend the next six nights.

We’re a happy group of four Brits, our Italian guide, Marco, our Norwegian skipper, Sture, and our French first mate, Hayret.

At the recommendation of a great Norwegian telemarker I know, we headed to the new opera house (cost: US$707m, opened 2008, main auditorium seats 1,364)

In haste, because we have limited Wifi in the little harbour, Kjerringo, where we are spending the night on the boat before heading off to a fjord tomorrow.

So, this is what we’ve been doing today… please see picture captions.

We spent about an hour walking around on the amazing marble surroundings, with views over the sea and the city

This sculpture, just off the coast from the opera house, is meant to be a reclining woman. It looked more like a sinking ship to us - but we liked it!

Then we went inside...

The cloakroom was my favourite part

We had a fantastic meal at the restaurant. This is Karen, our friendly and informative Swedish waitress

A plate of Norwegian specialities, including a little bit of whale. My favourite bit was the pine sauce, a sort of maple syrup-type thing. NKr210 (£24ish) between three as a starter and well worth it

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