15/12/11 – Interlaken’s yodel festival in Songlines magazine

They sang by night...

Regular readers of morethanskiing may recall how overexcited I was in June about visiting Switzerland’s biggest yodelling festival – an event that takes place every three years and draws crowds of 200,000 – more than Glastonbury.

They sang by day...

This excitement turned out to be thoroughly justified: the trip my sister and I took to Interlaken for the festival was one of the best weekend breaks I’ve had – and that includes ski breaks.

...and they practised in the back-streets

The Jodlerfest was directly responsible for June’s higher-than-usual blogcount on this site – and now you can read more about it, in the January/February issue of Songlines, the world music magazine.

Buy the issue to see it on paper, or click the link below to take you to a pdf of a ‘Postcard from Switzerland’ describing the amazing experience of spending a weekend at the world’s biggest celebration of Swiss mountain music.

Postcard from Switzerland in Songlines magazine, Jan/Feb 2012 issue

To read more – and for more pictures, go to June posts such as these:



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