1/11/11 – ‘On your marks’ in Fall-Line: Parsenn Derby, City and Weisse Rausch

The winning Parsenn Derby team with prizes - guess whose time didn't count?

More than 150 Brits do the Inferno each year, but what about the other amateur races people can do in the Alps? Last winter, I tried three for the first time – the Parsenn Derby, a downhill in Davos, Switzerland; the City Ski Championships, a British-run giant slalom in Courmayeur, Italy; and the Weisse Rausch, a mad end-of-season dash in St Anton, Austria.

You can read about them in the current issue of the brilliant ski mag Fall-Line (issue 99) – on the shelves now, with loads of other good stuff in there (£4.25 and well worth it). For a look at my article only, you can see a pdf here, complete with faintly embarrassing action picture… Page 18, Fall-Line issue 99 and Page 19, Fall-Line issue 99

What I will add here is that racing as an adult, for fun, is immensely worthwhile, and you’d be surprised at the range of abilities these European amateur events attract. I’m looking forward to trying some more this winter – and may even try to fit in a bit of pre-season training (for instance, here http://tinyurl.com/6z8s5bj)!

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