30/6/11 – Should we have bought this gear for a dad, husband or son?

Smart smocks - and a twisted cigar that was the staple for yodellers

I never thought I’d be a fan of puffy short sleeves on a bloke. But at the Jodlerfest (see recent posts), this became the case. Dressing up was a big deal: all 11,000 performers, and some of the 200,000 crowd (more than Glastonbury) – were clad from head to toe in splendid regional costume.

Puffy short sleeves on a bloke? Actually this look was quite snazzy

The most widely worn men’s jacket was velvet or wide-line corduroy, in black, with sleeves to just above the elbows and gathering at the shoulder seam.

Decorative floral stitching on the lapel completed the picture.

The jackets, waistcoats and ties of the Dietikon city yodel group

The men were as eyecatching as the ladies (see post ‘I have my eye on an a new apres-ski hat’) – and because most yodel choirs are largely male, they generated more impact, being matching and numerous.

Black, scarlet, brown and occasionally blue or cream were the predominant colours.

Earrings and belt have special significance in this outfit, worn by Martin Hersche, 21

My favourite men’s outfit, scarlet with gold accessories, was from the St Gallen/Appenzell cantons.

We asked Martin Hersche, a roofer, about his outfit and adornment. Apparently the snake looped through the ear represents fertility and the dangly bit productivity, as it’s a butter stirrer. From his belt hangs a fob watch plus a little metal winder the opposite side.

Apart from the odd waiter, we were surprised to see just two visitors in lederhosen (suede shorts) and they were from Bavaria in Germany.

It turns out lederhosen are not traditional costume for the Swiss, who instead favour proper trousers.

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