30/6/11 – I have my eye on a new apres-ski hat

A lovely 'hood', but would it preserve a hairstyle in the rain?

As an owner of five Austrian dirndls I was fascinated by the female outfits on show at the recent Jodlerfest.

Dirndls are flattering and easy to wear: I’ve worn mine to weddings, parties, the Tirolerhut restaurant in Bayswater and the Battersea Bierfest. Swiss friends of ours wore brilliant ones to my sister’s wedding.

A happy Haube-wearer

Along with the dirndls, an amazing sight to behold in Interlaken was the headgear, usually in black or white lace.

I asked one lady what her particular design was called and she said it was a “Haube”.

This one would go well with my Armstulpen

It turns out all female traditional headgear is known as a haube, whatever the shape – the translation is hood or, more likely, bonnet. But there are lots of variations.

My favourite was probably the dual fans with ribbons hanging from them, but I’m not sure I have the right hair for wearing that sort of thing.

A fan at each ear - I wonder if it helps with the yodelling

I did do some shopping, though.

Stalls had many items for sale, from dirndls complete with white undershirt and long apron to knee-length, holy, white socks.

My purchase took the form of a pair of Armstulpen – sensible woollen forearm warmers designed to be worn with a dirndl.

Ladies in arm-warmers - and a flower stuffed down the front of the dirndl

They were steepish at 30 Euros but I think they’re rather stylish and I’ve used them twice already back in the UK.

However, the sight of them has so far provoked at least one mystified response, along the lines of, “What a funny garment. Why don’t you just wear a cardigan?”

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