8/5/11 – What are these snow-bound insects?

Yesterday morning we were skinning up from the Konkordiaplatz towards the Kransberg, on the way to the Hollandiahuette, our last overnight stop on this four-day Bernese Oberland ski tour. There had been a light wind overnight and the sun was beating down from a clear sky.

These insects covered a vast area from about 2,900m to 3,300m

All over the snow around us were millions – or possibly billions – of tiny insects. At first I thought they were bits of dust. But in fact each speck was squirming. They were spread evenly on the surface, each inhabiting a little space, with few touching another. For more than an hour they were around us: from around 2,900m to 3,300m, when, after a steeper pitch that made me forget to watch them, I realised they were no longer there.

I have heard of the Gletscherfloh (glacier flea), but am doubtful that’s what these little specs are. Can anyone identify them?

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One response to “8/5/11 – What are these snow-bound insects?

  1. Chaz Murray

    Surely the Gletscherfloh exist only in the huts 😉

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