29/4/11 – The royal wedding, Tirolean-style, on YouTube

While my ski buddies from last week in Ischgl were revving up for the end-of-season bash up the mountain, the highlight of which is a concert by The Killers on Sunday (1 May), here in Surrey some of us were enjoying a different kind of Austrian music. My sister, Teresa (see ‘About’), and her husband threw a party today to celebrate her 40th birthday, their 11th wedding anniversary and the royal wedding.

For me, the highlight – easily beating the evil Jaegerbombs that appeared around midnight – was Teresa’s performance of Austrian mountain music on her piano accordion. Here it is on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bsU_0saQKA

I’m afraid that in my excitement I filmed it the wrong way up, and it’s very dark, but hopefully you get the idea. The wild man next to Teresa is a keen skier that some regular readers may recognise: any guesses? I assure you his downhill is just as accomplished as his dancing. You may also be able to spot Wills and Kate among the guests somewhere.

Teresa took up the accordion aged around 10 – partly so she didn’t have to continue with the violin, but mainly because she adored mountain music. As readers who know us and past customers of More Than Skiing (see ‘About’) will know, both of us relish the sound of a jolly good yodel and the swing of an accordion, whether Austrian or Swiss. From the age of three we hummed along to mountain music nearly all the way from Le Havre to Anzere and back twice a winter, thanks to our parents’ brilliant (I mean it!) taste, although we nearly died of embarrassment when they once got up to dance – at lunchtime! – to a band in Zermatt when we were eight or nine.

Teresa can play lots of songs like these, plus a few Russian folk numbers – maybe I will record a few more to see all the mountain music-lovers among you (there must be one, surely!) through summer. In fact if you are a fan, you’re in luck: we’re planning to go to a Jodlerfest in June so there will be footage and pictures aplenty in a couple of months.

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One response to “29/4/11 – The royal wedding, Tirolean-style, on YouTube

  1. Chris


    Glad to know ‘where you went.’ I really had been wondering… Just read Polo Times’ update on you, in the newsletter. Congratulations. Enjoy the skiing (I don’t!). Hasta luego (from Buenos Aires), Christopher Carpenter

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