20/3/11 – Tales from the City II

It’s day three at the City Ski Championships in Courmayeur and the racing, apres-ski and nightclub – Covo, in Entreves, as Courmayeur’s has closed – has left most people too knackered or hungover to go skiing. After going to bed very late I overslept for my 9am transfer and arranged to get a later one.

All in all this has been a superb weekend, brilliantly organised by Momentum Ski. To read more about it, see this link to my article about the City Ski Champs 2011 – including the breaking news that the event is moving to Crans Montana next year. Here it is –  http://www.metrosnow.co.uk/ski_news__events/article_display?article_id=586

Sunday morning peace in Courmayeur

To kill time before leaving town at lunchtime, I wandered the lanes of Courmayeur and lingered in the church square, watching Milanese and locals introducing their dogs to each other, admiring each other’s children and reading the papers in the sunshine.

The variety of shops – nearly all open on a Sunday – is astounding, and the only ski shop I saw looked wholly out of place. I especially enjoyed an Alpine antiques shop selling cowbells (90 Euros-plus), ancient skis and painted cabinets.

I found picnic stuff for my next journey: marrons glaces from a little food store (that in GB would be a delicatessen but here is no great shakes), a bunch of tomatoes and salami made of suino, which I hoped wasn’t donkey – I looked it up later and luckily it means pork (suino = swine). My destination now: Anzere in the Valais, where my family has a flat where I can do my washing and pick up my ski touring gear, which I’ll need later this week.

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